About The Book

Hi! Thanks for stopping by to check out my little project! My name is Pam Strassel and I’ve been a licensed esthetician in Southern California for, well, quite awhile.

During that time I’ve seen so many women (and more than a few guys) who were confused, frustrated, disappointed, and who had spent hundreds of dollars on products that just didn’t do what they promised (or even made things worse). I know the cosmetics companies promise that the solution to your problems can be found in their latest and greatest product, but I’ve been in your shoes and can guarantee that that magical solution in a jar just doesn’t exist.

After so many years of seeing women taken advantage of, or suffering the results of bad advice or poorly-trained skincare people, I decided to put together a little book sharing what I’ve learned while working with my clients over the last 26 years. I’ve tried to take an entertaining approach, explaining skincare with client stories and easy to understand common sense approaches.

The secret to great skin really isn’t all that complicated…which is why I like to call my approach the “Tao of skincare.” Almost all skincare problems or issues are caused by an imbalance of some type. I’m talking about dry skin, oily skin, acne, bumps or blemishes, fine lines and wrinkles, etc.

In 38 pages I’ll walk you through what I’ve found works for my clients, I’ll warn you about some of the things out there that are useless or worse (some are even dangerous!) I will also explain why. With this simple uncomplicated information you will be able to arm yourself with knowledge. This little book  will help you look better and take better care of your skin. You will no longer be intimidated while standing at a beauty supply store or cosmetic counter. Don’t waste any more money on products that do not work.  Skincare is not that complicated, They just want you to think it is.

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Table of Contents 

Introduction [Click to download this for free]

First, how does the skin work?

Cosmetics vs. cosmeceuticals

The ‘skin type” lie: dry, normal, oily or combination

European vs. American skincare

Professional treatments vs. do it yourself

Skincare professionals: estheticians, dermatologists and medical spas

Is your professional truly a professional?

Counterfeit and compromised products. Was it really a great deal?

Is the health food store really any better?

The truth about toners

The miracle of healthy exfoliation

Microdermabrasion-in-a-jar: don’t try this at home

Can wrinkles be prevented?

The sun connection and aging

Be sure to take those vitamins baby!

The mental connection: you are the creator of your own face

Got a new boyfriend? Got some new zits?

Drugs, alcohol and your beautiful skin

A quick word about pregnancy and skincare

Dark spots and uneven pigmentation nightmares

Adult acne vs teenage acne

A simple program for teenage acne

A simple program for adult acne

How to pop a pimple. Gross but sometimes necessary

Waxing is still the best!

Body care


Order now and download it instantly for only $4.99

or get it here from Amazon.com for your Kindle

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